What if everyone had a personal escape device? It would need to be something familiar, so that the process of stepping away was natural. It would have to be something simple – our lives are complicated enough. And it would have to be something magical to remind us that it’s our right to dream.

We’d need something with a hidden power but also something playful. That’s how we’d get carried away. Like hot air balloons in the distance, it would need to be something wonderful and unexpected to see. Something connected to the basic mechanics of the world, so that through it we learn about ourselves. Something that we can share, and yet, something that also allows us to be the vibrant, individual spirits that we are.

I want what I create to act as that kind of escape device. I want my stories and images to carry people away – just for a brief moment – to a world that transmits a full spectrum of experience. I want magic. I want balloons for everyone. A sky full of balloons. Every shape, color and size, floating across that heavenly dome like the most magnificent migration.

I’m a New York and Stockholm based director. I started as a promo writer for MTV. It was there that I learned the craft of filmmaking. I started directing. I won awards. I moved on and entered the world of commercials. I make films for people, but more importantly, I make films for myself.

The rest can only be said through the work. And that’s the way I want it.


The answer to me is, No.

Good stories are always driven by universal themes and realities. Scripted or unscripted, my work seeks to pull out those themes and realities through the same creative force.